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Insuring Your Home

Your home is probably your most valuable financial investment, BUT it’s so much more than that! Your home represents your family, your lifestyle, your escape from the world outside, and that reward for years of hard work and dedication. I understand how vital it is to protect that investment. That’s why I offer a Smarter Choice in Home Insurance. With me, you get so much more than just coverage.

Home Insurance FAQs

Yes, each policy that you combine together has a certain percentage in discounts that is added to each policy. Home/Auto being the biggest discount available.

Claims are a very simple process. You call the claims number 1-800-435-7764, open a claim, they in return fill me in via email with accident details. You figure out where you’re taking your vehicle, or who is coming in to repair home damages. Very simple. Please keep me in the loop. If you have any concerns, I will follow up with claims.

Local fire department rating, do you live with 1000 ft of a fire hydrant, credit, insurance score and coverage limits.

The number one thing you can do is update your roof. If you have older shingles, you may be more likely to have a claim resulting from wind or hail.

Personal Liability covers the costs incurred for which you are legally liable. If your dog bites your neighbor, or if your family member or friend happen to slip on the ice and hit their head, they may not sue you, however if the bill is steep enough, their health provider may come after you.

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Renter's & Condo Insurance

Whether you rent an apartment or house or own a condominium, it’s important to insure the place you call home. Landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your belongings or provide personal liability protection. This is why you need renter’s insurance.

Renter's & Condo Insurance FAQs

You are protected against many hazards including theft, vandalism, fire, smoke, lightning and windstorms. There are also other coverages available such as personal property coverage and extra protection for personal liability. 

Additionally, condo owners can get coverage for appliances, interior walls, fixtures and property your condo association requires you to insure. 

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