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Greenhouse Slip & Fall Safety Tips

As Spring arrives, production at many commercial greenhouses and local greenhouses increases. Both large commercial greenhouses and smaller operations face hazards causing trips, slips, and falls. Check out these tips to prioritize employee and customer safety!

#1 Keep Your Greenhouse Clean & Tidy

Stay on top of tidying and housekeeping in your greenhouse to avoid tripping and slipping hazards. Spending a little extra time on housekeeping can make a big difference.

Greenhouse Housekeeping Checklist

  • Remove any debris or trash from the interior or exterior of all buildings

  • Keep walkways free from obstructions

  • Ensure there is plenty of space to walk about

  • Clear parking lots, garages, and walkways of any ice or snow (when relevant)

#2 Use and Store Equipment Correctly

All greenhouse equipment and supplies should be stored away safely when not in use.

Equipment Safety Suggestions

  • Never leave hoses unattended when unrolled

  • Where possible, don’t cross hoses over aisles or any areas customers walk

  • Ladders should be set up properly and on level ground

  • Don’t try to grab something that is too high up when on a ladder

  • Customers should never use your ladders

#3 Work on Your Walkway Safety

Walkways are hotspots for slip and fall accidents, so watching and maintaining them is important.

Walkway Safety Suggestions

  • Use water-absorbent mats and runners to help avoid slippery floors

  • Don’t get contaminants on the floor

  • Fix any flooring irregularities like cracks, holes, or uneven surfaces

  • Edges of steps should be painted yellow

  • Ensure handrails are installed

  • Use good lighting, making it easy for people to see their surroundings

#4 Stay Vigilant

Don’t become lax with your safety precautions and protocols. It is easy to slack on safety when the busy season hits.

Proactive Solutions to Safety

  • Take regular walkthrough inspections and check for any slip, trip, or fall hazards

  • Stay alert, looking for potential hazards and fix them before they’re a problem

  • Post warning signs regarding potential slip and fall hazards

Whether you own a commercial greenhouse with many employees, or a mom-and-pop greenhouse welcoming shoppers to wander around your plant selection, be sure to follow these safety tips to help protect everyone.

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