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Farmers Market Insurance & Safety Tips

During the summer months we all enjoy a visit to the farmers market for fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and other locally grown or made products. We’ve provided some tips for both vendors and visitors to the market, so everyone gets the most out of their experience.

Farmers Market Safety Tips for Shoppers

There’s nothing like picking up fresh products at your local farmers market. However, farmers markets are not regulated like a normal grocery store, so it is important to take these points into consideration:
1. Bring the Right Bag
If you’re planning to buy products that require refrigeration, bring an insulated bag. Use a separate bag for meat products to prevent cross contamination.
2. Know What to Wash
Fresh produce should be washed at home, but you should never wash meat or poultry. This can actually cause bacteria to spread.
3. Check the Farmers Market Vendor's Stall
Farmers markets aren’t regulated by the FDA, but vendors should still follow food safety guidelines for proper handling. Before you make a purchase, check the cleanliness of their stall, and how they handle their product.
4. Watch Out for the Dairy
Don’t buy unpasteurized milk and cheese products. They might host harmful bacteria! You can buy farm fresh eggs, but be sure they are stored at 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Farmers Market Insurance Tips for Owners

Having a local farmers market is a real asset to the community. As a farmers market, you connect local growers, farmers, producers, and business owners with potential shoppers. However, operating a market comes with some risk. This is why you should consider purchasing a Farmers Market Insurance Policy.

What Does a Farmers Market Insurance Policy Cover?

Farmers market policies will help protect you from accidents and incidents like:

  • Contaminated food products being sold that cause illness
  • Damages to property or vehicles owned by the farmers market, vendors, or visitors
  • Customer injuries including slip and falls


Additionally, a farmers market policy can help you cover the cost of an attorney if the market is sued, and pay the cost of covered liabilities under your policy.

If you are interested in exploring policy options for your market, we can help! As an IRMI certified Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist, we understand your line of business and can help identify the right policy for you. Get in touch today for a quote.

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