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Farm Equipment Maintenance & Safety Tips

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous industries. Farmers and their families are at risk of fatal and nonfatal injuries. Agricultural workers can mitigate risks by maintaining their farm equipment and following safety guidelines. 

Farm Equipment Maintenance

Keeping your equipment maintained is important for safety and your wallet. If equipment breaks down, you have to pay for the repair and you lose time in the field. Here are some tips to keep everything working well: 

  • Conduct a pre-season maintenance review
  • Have a local dealer inspect your equipment
  • Read the owner’s manual so you know how to operate equipment correctly
  • Replace aging parts before they break
  • Ensure electrical connections stay dry and clear of debris
  • Follow the operating capacity guidelines
  • Shelter equipment properly
  • Do not allow untrained personnel to use machinery or equipment
  • Take warning signals seriously
  • Avoid using equipment in bad weather conditions 

Safety Tips for Farm Equipment Maintenance

Farm equipment maintenance is extremely important, but you should use caution when conducting the work to avoid injuries. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you work on farm equipment:

  • Keep your tools in good condition
  • Use the intended tool for each job
  • Avoid improper lifting
  • Turn off all equipment and ensure it is stabilized, then use chocks under wheels to avoid rolling
  • Never go underneath a vehicle or piece of equipment on a jack unless it is secured with blocks or jack stands
  • Be extra careful around heavy or sharp pieces of equipment as they provide more risk for accidents
  • Keep your work area clean
  • Use common sense and good practice when working
  • Wear personal protection equipment
  • Train family and staff members before allowing them to help use or maintain equipment
  • Take your time on repairs – accidents happen when you rush

Agribusiness & Farm Insurance

Following these tips will help you safely use and maintain your farm equipment. Having a quality farm insurance policy is another way to protect your farm and livelihood. Ianniello Insurance Agency is an IRMI certified Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist. We would be happy to help you establish a policy that meets the individual needs of your farm. Contact us today to discuss your needs further.

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