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Choosing Food Truck Insurance

Food trucks are a popular staple at outdoor events. Just like any other business, food trucks require insurance. As a business on wheels, multiple policies are needed to cover both the vehicle and business.

What Type of Insurance Does a Food Truck Need?

The answer to this question is multiple! Below is a breakdown of the coverage you need to cover all bases when operating a food truck business.

General Liability

A general liability policy protects your business from lawsuits based on injury or property damage to third parties. It will also cover legal fees. Additionally, many events or businesses food trucks work with require general liability coverage.

Examples of General Liability Coverage:

  • Physical injury – you’re hurt while operating the business, an employee is hurt, or your truck hurts someone
  • Advertising injury – libel and slander suits
  • Food poisoning – if your food makes someone sick, or they claim it did
  • Property damage – you or your truck cause damage to others’ property 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your food truck is a commercial vehicle and needs to be covered appropriately while it’s on-the-road and not operating as a business. Like regular auto insurance, commercial auto insurance covers you for things like:

  • Damage to your vehicle or others’ vehicles
  • Theft & vandalism
  • Injury – yourself or others
  • Weather damage

Commercial Property Insurance

Not only do you want your food truck covered by commercial auto insurance, but you also need the business property inside the truck covered like cooking equipment, food, and appliances. Be sure to investigate food spoilage coverage, especially if you stock a lot of expensive food items in the truck.

Loss of Business Income Due to an Insurance Loss

Even with great business and auto coverage, food truck owners who are out-of-commission for a little while will suffer income loss that could devastate the business. This policy would add an extra layer of protection while you wait to get back on your feet after an insurance claim.

Food Truck Insurance Policies

We hope this advice will help you make an informed decision on your food truck insurance policy. At Ianniello Insurance Agency, we offer a range of policies and can develop the perfect combination of coverage for your food truck business. You can request a quote online here.

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