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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home Before Going on Vacation

We’re headed into the summer vacation season. According to The Vacationer, more than 80% of Americans plan to travel this summer. That is over 208 million people! If you are one of these lucky individuals, consider following our home safety tips before leaving town.

1. Make it Look Like Someone is Home

Do you remember when Kevin turned on all the lights in Home Alone and made it look like a party was happening? This is actually a great way to deter robbers. You can make it look like you’re home by:

  • Using timers on electronics like lights and t.v. sets, including outdoor lights
  • Leaving a car parked in your driveway
  • Cutting the grass and doing landscaping before you leave
  • Having your newspaper and mail held until you return  

2. Don't Post About Your Vacation on Social Media

We know this is a difficult tip to follow. Of course you want to post updates and photos of your vacation to share with friends and family. But what if someone sees these updates who isn’t so friendly? It can be hard to tell whether your posts are really set to “private” so no public access is possible. Wait until after vacation to show off all the cool things you saw and did while away from home.

3. Ask a Neighbor to Keep an Eye on Your House

Do you have a trusted neighbor? Let them know you will be going away and ask them to keep an eye on your home. If a neighbor notices something out of the ordinary, have them contact the police. Neighbors may also help by:

  • Collecting your mail, packages and/or newspapers
  • Parking their car in your driveway
  • Cutting your grass (if you’re going away for a while)

Just remember to thank them with a gift when you return!

4. Keep Your Home on Lock Down

There are plenty of access points in a home. Before you leave, double check every door and window in your home including the garage.

  • If you keep a spare key hidden outdoors, remove it. You are better off giving the spare key to a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor for safe keeping.
  • Do you have an automatic garage door? Disconnect it and add a padlock to the track for extra security.
  • Don’t forget small access points like doggy doors or mail slots provide opportunities for burglars to break in too. Make sure to block them off.

5. Alert Your Alarm Company

Do you have an alarm system? It’s important to let the company know you will be away on vacation and for how long. They will know any alerts during this period are most likely legitimate and should be dealt with immediately.

If you don’t have an alarm system, make it look like you do with fake security cameras. Don’t forget to check your smoke alarms to make sure they are working too.

6. Unplug Appliances

Power surges can happen while you’re away. Unplug any appliances that don’t need to be left on while you’re gone. If you decide to use lights as a deterrent, make sure they are plugged into a surge protector. 

7. Lock Up Your Valuables

If you have valuable jewelry or other items in your home, consider securing them while you’re away in a safety deposit box. Make sure there aren’t any obvious valuables on display in your home that could encourage a thief. 

Homeowners Insurance

We hope these tips will put your mind at ease as you enjoy your vacation. No matter how much you prepare, break-ins and home disasters may happen. That’s why it is important to have appropriate homeowners insurance.

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