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As an equine owner, you understand the unique liability exposures you face owning horses. Our equine insurance helps address the inherent risks involved with owning horses. It’s flexible enough to provide property and liability coverage for operations of various sizes and scopes, yet can be tailored for your specific interest. Get the right Equine Owner Insurance coverage to protect yourself, your animals, and others.

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  • Horse-related activities and participants at shows, exhibitions, and events
  • Riding instruction
  • Boarding
  • Hay and sleigh rides
  • Carriage and buggy rides


  • Residences and household contents
  • Farm products and supplies
  • Barns
  • Tack
  • Hay and grain
  • Farm machinery

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Frequently asked questions:

If you do not own a farm, your homeowner’s insurance policy will usually only provide personal liability protection. The additional risk from your ownership of a horse may not be covered under your homeowners policy. The horse owners liability policy provides liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by your horse not only at the farm where it is boarded, but off premises during a trail ride or at horse shows.

If you have a Farm Owners policy, make sure that Commercial Equine Liability coverage is included. If you only have a homeowner’s policy, it usually will not provide liability protection for your horse business. Should one of your students sustain an injury, you could be held legally liable.

A gentle horse could spook during a riding lesson and the rider could fall off. Someone visiting your farm gets kicked by a horse during a clinic. You are leading your horse at a horse show and it breaks away from the lead and runs through a crowd or perhaps even a parking area causing damage to several vehicles. Even though this does not appear to be negligence on your part, a lawsuit could still develop for the injuries and property damage sustained. The Equine Liability policy would pay the defense costs as well as any judgment for damages against you.

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